The plague of Herpetoculture!

In recent times our hobby in Australia has seen a new wave of ignorance on the internet.

What happened to the days of having an actual burden of proof, especially when breeders claim to have hatched something new in the mutation world?

I have noticed far too many self proclaimed “experts” claim that they have hatched certain colour and pattern combinations this season, without actually showing how they got to that conclusion. Is it really as easy as just stating that you made something new, for ignorant onlookers to applaud you and accept your statement as fact?

The incessant back patting and congratulations by all mates and sheeple! People that wouldn’t know the difference between a jaguar or a wild type carpet python. Has the hobby really become so shallow and pretentious?

Breeders that have never made or seen a particular combination, yet somehow gauge from making one hatchling that it’s suddenly a sunglow? Really? Why don’t you show the rest of the clutch? Show the different ratios from the clutch? Discuss your results with other breeders or actual peers in the same field. Don’t just chase the back pats and social media attention.

Australia, Let’s make this Hobby Great Again!

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