So many incredible Carpet Pythons over the years!

Don’t you just love this time of the year? So many new and incredible combinations that are hatching everywhere!

Make sure to keep your cool when hatchlings start to poke their heads out of eggs. Many reptile keepers start to over handle incubation tubs as they become nervous and impatient with emerging hatchlings. I have experienced this first hand in the past.

Hatchlings tend to be overstimulated and want to exit their eggs prematurely. This can cause the death of hatchlings that still have a large yolk reserve attached to them. These yolk sacs can be torn off upon exit and the hatchlings subsequently bleed to death.

I have used an extremely hot scissor to cauterise yolk stalks in the past. To heat the scissor is quite simple, just hold it over a hot gas stove top for a couple of seconds until the tip of the scissor starts to glow red. Be careful to not burn your fingers in the process. You merely have to make a quick snip of the yolk stalk to stop the bleeding.

I always promote preventative measures as a first course of action. Don’t disturb the eggs too much!

I hope this tip comes in handy! Good luck for the hatching season.

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