Improper Disease Diagnosis!

I feel its important that Aussies should be aware that even Veterinarians can get it wrong. Below text taken from – Cliff Earle of Living Gems Reptiles gives a troubling account of beating a misdiagnosis. The mental stress and anguish of this ordeal is captured well in Cliff’s detailed story.

“Which is why it was such a surprise when a necropsy came back on Topaz, a prize female that had been in our care for almost four years under excellent care, noting the cause of death as severe pneumonia caused by an unusual strain of bacteria.

That diagnosis, though controllable, was troubling enough. However, the pathologist took it a step farther by reporting not only bacteria, but also IBD and possible OPMV — both of the worst possible reptile illnesses, together in one animal.

What makes this such a complete tragedy and vivid lesson is that, while we did not know it at the time, those last two diagnoses were totally and completely false.”

Read the full story after the jump, and store this one in your long-term memory. Click on the link to be redirected to the article:

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