Jaguar Carpet Pythons

The Jaguar mutation is an incomplete dominant mutation of the carpet python. The mutation is responsible for a reduction in pattern. The mutation also removes melanin from the overall colour palette.

Pythons that exhibit this mutation tend to be far brighter and more striking in appearance than wild type individuals. These animals are also more prone to neurological issues that is associated with the gene. Not all Jaguars will display these neurological ( Neuro) issues. Minor symptoms include head ticks, an inability to accurately strike at food and stiffened uncoordinated movements when the Python is removed from its cage. In severe cases affected pythons struggle to maintain balance and find it hard to right themselves.

It can be expected that at least 50% percent of a clutch that has been sired by a jaguar, will be jaguars. The below diagram indicates the probable outcomes of a jaguar to a jungle crossing. Such is the nature of incomplete dominant pairings. The visual Homozygous form of the Jaguar mutation is a Leucistic ( devoid of all pigment, pure white) carpet python. These Leucistic carpet pythons never live for more than a few days after hatching.

Jaguars are definitely a favourite of ours!

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